Our Yorkshire Farmhouse Rich Fruit Cakes are all based on traditional family recipes. They are packed with plump and juicy fruit, then warmed with spices to deliver a classic, rich flavour. Perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a simple slice with a cup of tea or a real treat for a special occasion. Freshly baked in our Yorkshire bakery, choose from our delicious range of cakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze fruit cake?

Fruit cake can be frozen for a relatively long period, up to a year or more, although in our opinion it never tastes quite as good as a matured ambient stored cake. Our cakes come with a minimum of 6 months life which should give you plenty of time to enjoy without the need to freeze.

To freeze the cake, it requires wrapping and placing in a sealed container before placing in the freezer. Ensure that the cake is completely thawed before consumption.

How Long Does a Fruit cake last?

A fruit cake can last for a long period of time depending on how you look after it. If stored correctly and looked after a good fruit cake matures and gets better with age. Our cakes have around a year’s life from production although we have heard stories of some cakes being eaten well beyond this and still tasting superb.

How to moisten a dry fruitcake?

If you require your fruit cake to have a bigger boozey kick or a more moist texture you can add moisture through additional brandy or rum.  You can soak a muslin cloth in whichever is your chosen liquor and wrap your fruitcake in the cloth. Then wrap the cake in foil and place in a container or tin and store until you’re ready to use. This process can be repeated depending on your taste and period of time you are keeping the cake before consumption or icing.